Working in Partnerships

Working in partnerships is an integral part of our approach to quality experiences for children. Our first and most important partnership is with children's most important educators - their parents. We believe that children benefit most from early years care, learning and play when, parents and settings work together in partnership.

Your child's key person will piece together your child's learning journey in the form of their very own personal development file, which builds a thorough picture of your child's stage of learning and development through observations, photos and communications from us, you and any other professionals spending time with your child. It is very important for you to share that extra special knowledge you have about your child and help make everything we do all that more special and tailored for your child's individual needs.

We hold parents evenings, providing quality time for parents to catch up with their child's key person and learn about their child's development.

We work in very close partnership with Mellis Primary School and are very lucky to have planned access to their excellent facilities including their hall, playing field and wildlife area. Working in partnership with the school allows for a consistent and smooth transition from pre-school to school and helps children to feel more confident and secure. This we find leads to better experiences and outcomes for all children within the pre-school and school.

Other partnerships include working with Suffolk County Council Early Years Advisory team, Social Services and other agencies involved with the growth and development of children, local childminders and other early years settings. It is particularly important for us to work in partnership with other early year's settings and childminders when children are attending more than one setting. Information sharing is essential to provide consistent, quality and complimentary care and learning for the child.

How parents can take part in the setting

Yaxley And Mellis Preschool recognises parents as the first and most important educators of their children. All staff see themselves as partners with you in providing care and education for your child. There are many ways in which parents can take part in making the setting a welcoming and stimulating place for children and parents such as:

• Exchanging knowledge about your children's needs, activities, interests and progress with the staff.

• Joining in with parent interaction days.

• Sharing your own special interests with the children.

• Helping to provide, make and look after the equipment and materials used in the children's play activities.

• Being part of the management of the setting.

• Taking part in events and informal discussions about the activities and curriculum provided by the setting.

• Joining in community activities in which the setting takes part; and building friendships with other parents in the setting.